Saturday 4 July 2009

Unpredictable Dream Characters

Dream characters are really interesting creatures. Although they are created from your own thoughts you never know what they will do next. You may see old friends who you haven't thought of for years or meet people that you can't ever recall seeing before.

Until this morning I thought that all dream characters had one thing in common. If you ask them if you are dreaming they will dismiss the idea or try to tell you that you can't be dreaming. This can be an obsticle to becoming lucid if they talk you out of questioning your dream reality.

In my lucid dream this morning I was in an unfamiliar location and my mum was showing me her new TV that allowed you to change channel via hand or body gestures (an upcoming feaure on the Xbox 360). Suddenly both the TV and us were in a different room. This kind of thing happens all the time in dreams but we just go with the flow, but when you are on the verge of becoming lucid its a strange experience. I was totally baffled but still didn't know I was dreaming. My mum didn't notice the change of location but when I talked to her about it she seemed to believe me and joined in trying to figure it out.

Finally, it struck me and I said, "This must be a dream.", "Maybe your right" my mum said.

Now I was lucid and ready to go and enjoy myself :)

So, the one behaviour of dream characters that I thought was consistent (their insistence that you are not dreaming) can also be upredictable. Now if only I could get them to go out of their way to point out when I'm dreaming I could be having lucid dreams every night :)


LifeIntoDreams said...

I have had dream characters inform me I'm dreaming and even go out of their way to show me! There were a couple dream characters years ago that would wait to see if I was lucid or not and change their behavior once I was lucid.

Brett Jackson said...

LifeIntoDreams: That's interesting. Maybe your dream characters actions depend on your expectations. I could have read that they tend to deny you are dreaming before I experienced one. Therefore that's how they act. I will have to try and retrain my mind to expect them to be helpful in becoming lucid.