Monday 6 April 2009

Findings So Far

Food and Lucid Dreaming
On the rare occasion I've experienced lucid dreams over the previous months I've been considering what I was doing and eating prior to the lucid dream in the hope of spotting a reproducible pattern.

A couple of lucid dream followed eating large amounts of ice cream or chocolate before bed, others followed overeating generally (which I normally don't do). However, simulating the same conditions did not provide further lucid dreams.

I don't think food is going to be the key, and its likely that eating sugary foods or large quantities prior to bed simply led to a disrupted sleep pattern. It's already known that having your sleep pattern disturbed can help invoke lucid dreams.

My personal conclusion is to avoid using food or drink to try to invoke lucid dreams. I think there are better more controllable and healthier ways to effect sleep patterns.

Abstract Dreams Stop Lucid Dreaming
I often have very abstract dreams that are related to work or problem solving. While there is imagery in the dreams there is no environment or people, just repeating images that represent work I am conducting or a problem I am trying to solve. I believe that the absence of people and environment makes it practically impossible to have a lucid dream.

I know it's the pressure of work that causes these abstract dreams. My partner Kelly is under the same pressure but she has normal dreams and also has great dream recall. The difference is her ability to switch off from work and focus on other things at night.

I still believe (as I mentioned in an earlier post) that increasingly using my imagination in inspiring ways can help me to have better quality dreams. If I promote fantasy based dreams I am sure that lucid dreams will follow, but my work is against me at the moment.

I have an idea how we can all help each other inspire great dreams. It's going to take me a few months to get my ideas ready, but when I do you will find a new feature at my website My codename for the project is "the guiLD" and I can't wait to get started.

To end on a positive note, I had my best ever dream a couple of weeks ago and funnily enough it wasn't event a lucid dream, just very vivid and an unbelievable experience. I may describe it in a later post if I can find the time :)

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