Monday 11 August 2008

Progress with Dream Recall

My dream recall is slowly improving using the techniques mentioned in my last blog posting. I have been under pressure to meet some timescales recently so haven't had as much time to commit to lucid dreaming as I would have liked. Hopefully this will change again soon.

I still don't remember a dream every night, but it's not far off now. I have found that when using the MILD technique I have been waking in the middle of the night after some dreams. Unfortunately I am still in a confused state and sometimes don't make the connection that I have just woken after a dream and am supposed to be updating my dream journal.

It does appear to be very important that you shouldn't move before trying to recall your dream. I have forgotten a few dreams because I decided I could still remember it (as it only just happened) and set off to the bathroom. Even if it still feels recent, you should lie in bed and run over the dream a few times before you move and then write it down straight away.

I am enjoying recalling my dreams. They seem to be getting more vivid too. Now I just have to turn them in to lucid dreams.

I did manage another short lucid dream this week. I found myself in a game I play called Halo 3 on the xbox 360. The visuals were really clear and I was looking forward to trying using the weapons and man cannons that shoot you through the air but unfortunately I woke up. I am really excited about visiting this place again, so I have added to my Dream To Do List to ensure I don't forget it.

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