Monday 14 July 2008

A week off

Last week wasn't the most productive as far as improving my lucid dreaming abilities. The week started off with my girlfriend being ill and ended with me catching her bug. Both these events led to late nights, irregular sleep and some nights with no sleep at all.

At least I can confirm that poor sleep doesn't help lucid dreams. Saying that, I did have one lucid dream experience. I was having a rough night, slipping in and out of sleep, then I found myself in a state of sleep paralysis. There were no images, but I was totally surrounded by a pure white light and I had the sensation of spinning around and falling. I knew I was in my bed dreaming, but this didn't feel like a good experience so I tried to bring myself out of it. My girlfriend was fast asleep beside me, so I tried to talk to her from within my dream saying, "Kelly, can you wake me up!!". I have no idea whether I only said this in my dream or out loud. After I woke myself up I regretted not putting up with the sickening sensations. I promised myself that next time I will continue and try to gain control of the dream. I think that would have been difficult though.

I am still not sleeping well at the moment and feel quite rough. So, whether I like it or not last week was a week off my lucid dreaming training and next week may not be a good one either.

On a brighter note I complete my first major milestones on my lucid dreaming website, We now have a working lucid clock to help with reality checks, an online dream journal and a dream to do list to plan what we do when we become lucid.


Cody425 said...

Hey Brett

My name is Cody, I'm 18 years old and just yesterday started attempting to begin my Lucid dreaming experience. Around two years ago I also tried and had maybe one lucid dream despite it lasting only a few seconds. This time however I'm pretty determined to get it right and hopefully become as good as that Laberge guy eventually.=P I'm thinking of starting my own blog on your site and also using the journal to keep a log of my dreams since it would be a lot easier to read in the future since when I first wake up I'm a horrible writer lol.

Anyways, good luck with the dreaming and I'll talk to you later.


Brett Jackson said...

Hi Cody,

It would be great to have another blogger recording their journey.

Don't forget to add it to our blog gadget :)

See you around the site.