Monday 7 July 2008

2nd Week Lucid Dream Attempts

Wake Back To Bed Method
I used the WBTB method most days last week in my attempts to induce Dream Initiated Lucid Dreams. On one occasion I couldn't get back to sleep which is the worst case scenario. Due to this potential problem I have only been getting up for short periods and for a couple of mornings I stayed in bed and tried to recall my dreams for about 5 minutes before drifting off back to sleep. I only had one lucid dream and this was on an occasion when I got up for about 10 minutes. My sleep pattern has not been regular enough this week either. I need to get that back in check and then risk getting out of bed when using this method.

Sunny Summer Mornings
All my recent lucid dreams have been very short and have felt unstable. I noticed that the walls have been giving off a shimmering light. We have wooden vertical blinds in our bedroom and these let a lot of light in to the room in the morning. I suspect that the bright light on my eyelids is resulting in the shimmering light in my lucid dreams, which may be the reason why they are so unstable and short. To test this I have ordered a sleep mask that states it will block out 100% light. When this arrives I also plan to use ear plugs to mute any other distractions. I will be interested to see how this partial sensory deprivation will affect my dreams and lucid dreaming. I hope the sleep mask comes soon.

Caffeine or Coincidence?
I have only been drinking decaf coffee and tea for months and I hardly ever eat chocolate so my caffeine intake should be pretty low. One night this week my girlfriend convinced me that green tea does not contain caffeine so I had a cup together with half a bar of dark chocolate. That night my mind was a whirlwind, I was also distracted by thoughts of work too. I knew my mind wasn't anywhere close to being in a state to have lucid dreams. Was this all due to the caffeine?

Dream Recall
I did manage to recall a few dreams this week which is an improvement, but this is an area I need to work on much more.

Conclusions for the second week
  • My sleep pattern was less regular which may have reduced the effectiveness of the WBTB method.
  • I do need to get our of bed when using the WBTB method.
  • Bright light may be having a negative effect.
  • Caffeine is bad especially when your body isn't used to it.
These are all assumptions and will only be proven if I change my approach over the coming weeks and see improved results.

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