Wednesday 25 June 2008

My Lucid Dreaming Blog

Welcome to my new blog. I will be regularly posting here while I experiment with lucid dreaming techniques. I will provide as much detail as possible about the effort I am putting in to having lucid dreams, and explaining what is working for me or what I think is holding me back. I hope that other people who are interested in having lucid dreams will benefit from my postings. Feel free to make comments if you think of things I should try or if you think I am doing something wrong.

A little about me
I am a male, 37, self employed web developer and in a happy relationship. I am not religious, I don't believe in spirits, souls, ghosts or reincarnation or anything other worldly. I don't think dreams have anything important to convey to us so I don't value dream interpretation. I have a very logical and sceptical mind. I stress these things for two reasons. 1) Just so you know where I am coming from, 2) Some people may be put of trying lucid dreaming because they think it's something mystical or spiritual. You do not need any beliefs to succeed in lucid dreaming.

My Lucid Dreaming Experience
I first tried lucid dreaming quite a few years ago. After some time and effort I succeeded in having numerous dreams, but I eventually let it slip away as I got distracted with other things. Just over a week ago I decided to renew my efforts and to stick with it this time. My goal is to have regular lucid dreams and to make the most of them by trying out fun and interesting experiments.

I haven't had a lucid dream for well over a year so I am pretty much starting from scratch. I have no guarantees that it will work for me any more. Is it harder to have lucid dreams as you get older? I don't know, but I am going to find out.

To encourage me to keep up with my new hobby I have created my own website. This website is intended to be a homepage for people like me. Together we can write articles, chat in the forums and help each other to progress. I am also writing various tools to help us. Come by and chat in our forums when you have time.


Lucid Tips said...

I hope you keep this going it looks promissing.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I am 50 years old and have been Lucid Dreaming since 1986.
My oldest son taught me Lucid Dreaming when he was six years old.

Today is the first day I've read anything about Lucid Dreaming.
The same son that taught me Lucid Dreaming read a book about Lucid Dreams when he was a teenager.

Until today everything I knew about Lucid Dreaming came from my son Mark or my own imagination.

I plan to create a blog about my own experiments with Lucid Dreaming. As I am one that believes in the concept of a soul I think it would be good to compare notes with a nonbeliever.

Nobody said...

Maybe this can help me. I keep having these strange experiences. I'll be flying, but I can't see. I just know that I'm flying. Suddenly, I'll drop like a stone, and I'll wake up with a jolt.

Raoul The Owl said...

Hi, I have been lucid dreaming for 15 years - Do sessions every few months. Document other dreams. Have had many remarkable experiences and drawn conclusions on dream world. It must be approached with caution though, I have periodically had quite traumatic lucid experiences. Its amazing, you can consciously have experiences that are impossible in this physical world. Its another world to explore. Keep on dreaming.. Raoul

JohnIreland8661 said...

I have been able to have lucid dreams for a long time, for me it seems to be second nature. the first time i can remember doing it, i just had a feeling things werent quite right, so i pinched my self, i felt no pain, almost as if i was numbed by novacaine or something, it was then when i realized i was dreaming, then i from there i just went and did what ever i felt like doing lol, for me the best way to keep doing this is to periodically test myself during the day to see if im dreaming, by pinching the underside of the upperpart of my arm, its a sensitive area, and if i dont feel pain i basically know that im dreaming, but to be sure i try something i cant in the real world (nothing dangerous, or illegal, just in case im wrong lol) like imagining a talking dog or something to come by me and say something, if i can do something like that, its time for lucid dreaming (;

Anonymous said...

"I haven't had a lucid dream for well over a year so I am pretty much starting from scratch."

Jesus. That sucks.Get working damn it haha.